About Us

If you have a heart that is patient, dedicated and enthusiastic, you threat your product like you love your child. You exhaust your abilities, devote yourself thoroughly, you concern every detail and cumulate experiences for years, so, what you provide is an artwork. ---jingbao company.

    With a history of fifteen years, Shandong Jinbao Electrical Co. Ltd., whose predecessor was established in 2001 and name changed in 2004, is dedicated to the manufacturing of insulating material of oil-immersed transformers. It has been a domestic producer that exports most diamond dotted insulating press paper (D.D.P) for many years. The list of its leading products includes diamond pattern paper (also known as diamond dotted paper, diamond dotted pattern paper, diamond dotted insulating press paper DPP, double sided diamond pattern paper, DDPP and DPRCP, etc.), crepe paper tube, and oil dust stick and strip. Focusing on exportation, the company sees its export share account for circa 95 per cent of its sales volume, with products exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Southeast Asian countries, South America, North America, Europe and Oceania. Specifically, in many South American nations, some North American countries, Australia and certain Southeast Asian countries, the products from the company enjoy an absolute predominance as their market share surpasses 50 per cent. Over the past years, indebted to the constant quality improvement and incessant development, the enterprise has witnessed an increasing number of export destinations and an expansion of client base and market share.

    Situated between Jinan and Qingdao, Jinbao Electrical Company is 70 kilometers, i.e. 50 minutes by car, from the Jinan Airport. As it is near to the ports of Qingdao and Tianjin, it takes merely around 5 hours to warehouse goods there, and 24 hours to put cargo into storage at the Port of Shanghai, which demonstrates its superior geographical conditions in terms of transportation of exports. The Zhouping County, where the firm is located, is not only one of the Top 100 Counties of China, the Top 30 Most Developed Counties of Shandong Province and the National Hygenic Cities, but also industrially developed with complete and mature ancillary facilities, thus conducive to the innovation and growth of the company.

    Specialized in exports,Jinbao makes up a relatively small domestic market share as far as its flagship product, diamond dotted insulating press paper (D.D.P), is concerned, due to its product structure. However, the company has been a manufacturer that exports most D.D.P in China by 2015. Each year, products of Jinbao frequently show up in internationally renowned exhibitions of electrical materials such as CWIEME (Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibitions) and so on. Given the fact that the diamond dotted paper displayed and promoted by more than 70-80 per cent of Chinese exhibitors comes from the company, Jinbao D.D.P proves to be the representative of China-made D.D.P indeed.

    The base paper of the D.D.P produced by Jinbao is derived from Nine Dragons Pulp & Paper (Leshan) Ltd., the biggest producer of insulating paper who sets its national standards in China. With the concerted efforts over the past few years, these two companies have jointly developed a new kind of insulating paper of different thickness and specifications. Made of imported frigid long fiber pulp and with special techniques, this paper has set a new standard named after Jinbao, namely Jinbao Standards of Diamond Pattern Paper, formerly Exclusive Standards of Jinbao. Also, it is a significant export market-oriented standard of Leshan, along with its two other important criteria that are the national standards and the Exclusive ABB Standards of High Voltage Paper. The quality of DDP is exceptional in that the quality standards of its base paper are much higher than the national standards (yet lower than the ABB Standards), thus contributing to its fulfillment of the quality requirements of most countries around the globe.

    The high-end imported epoxy resins, of which the D.D.P of Jinbao is made, possess outstanding insulating property and strength, which grant it unparalleled metis compared with those low-cost phenolic resins widely used in China, which feature pungent smell and toxicity. Moreover, this kind of epoxy resins is the one and only acceptable material for making diamond dotted paper abroad, therefore providing an essential guarantee for the export quality.

    Jinbao Electric Co. Ltd has scored various scientific research achievements at the beginning of 2015, exemplified by the invention of thermally upgraded and nitrogen contented D.D.P, two-layer complex D.D.P, highly soft D.D.P adaptable to the folding techniques of Iraq and Japan, and crepe paper tube with a length of either 1.8 or 2 meters, together with the cooperation with globally famous foreign producers of insulating paper in the manufacturing of upscale diamond pattern paper. All these products will exert a profound and far-reaching influence on the development of its new export business in the coming days.