Quality control


If you have a heart that is patient, dedicated and enthusiastic, you threat your product like you love your child. You exhaust your abilities, devote yourself thoroughly, you concern every detail and cumulate experiences for years, so, what you provide is an artwork. ---jingbao company.

Bond strength test

Routine examination 1

Routine examination 2


After the oil proof test, we concluded that the crepe paper tube and oil duct strip adhesive and transformer oil is compatible, the bond strength is not declined immersing in the oil.

We cooperated with HongKong Nine dragon LeShan limited whom is the largest insulating paper mill in China, we are the largest insulating purchase customer by them, we developed together the new standard insulation paper higher than national standard special for DDP, the new standard is named "JINBAO DDP STANDARD", use our company name, this one represented the high quality and made of imported long fiber frigid zone electrical grade wooden pulp, and used by complicated produce procedure.

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