Thermally upgrade nitrogen diamond dotted insulating paper for transformer.

diamond dotted kraft paper thermally upgraded

The thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating paper is a significant technique all the time. Due to the internal and external reasons, it has not been widely used for several years. Until recent years, its potential is rediscovered and it has also been promoted to the increasingly important stage. Just as the difficulty to promote the technique of amorphous alloy, the mainly factors which make the promotion of this technique slowly are as follows:

1 High-priced factor. This technique has been monopolized by world-famous enterprises for many years, such as MUNKSJO in Sweden and WEIDMANN in Switzerland. Even other companies can produce some thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating papers, but their techniques are not autonomous. It results in high cost and excessively high price. And their products can only be used in specific high-end aspects and can’ be widely used as well as accepted by the markets.

2 Conventional factors. Due to high-end demands, high-end power transmission equipments (HV, extra HV and ultra HV) have to use thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating papers with high price in domestic. As to normal power transformers and power transmission and transformation equipments, they use normal insulating materials instead of thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating papers. It becomes conventional wisdom in the design field and also curbs the development of thermally upgrade materials.

3 Cognition factors. On the principles and techniques of the thermally upgrade insulating paper, insulating field says nothing of systematic analysis and study. At the same time, monopolization with high price is still not curbed.  And he importance of using thermally upgrade materials on normal power transformers has been ignored for a long time.

The importance on thermally upgrade insulating papers mentioned above is ignored and underestimated among importance of many other new techniques. The meanings and values of using thermally upgrade insulating paper on power transformer are as follows:

1 “Cannikin law”. The structure of transformer is predominantly composed of metal materials and insulating materials. As a whole, the subject equipment can’t be dismantled, such as coil winding. It means the usable life is decided by the weakest part of the equipment. And the insulating materials will be aged easily and rapidly under the electrical environment. If it lost its insulation, the whole transformer will deteriorate in advance and will no longer be able to function. Therefore, it will be actually a major issue to enhance the thermal stability for insulating materials.

1 Environmental protection effect (cost effect). Modern mentality of designing starts pay attention to saving the material, especially nonferrous metal. Saving the metallic material in transformer can reduce the cost substantially and lessen the size of transformer to fit the placing environment by save the size of transformer. Saving metallic materials means making the transformer run in the condition of high temperature alike overweight. DDP heat-resistant and containing nitrogen can bear the high-temperature without degeneration. Instead, the common insulating materials will become aging failure quickly in hot environment.

2 “Insulation cost paradox”, in the transmission and transforming equipment of transformer , the cost of metallic materials weights and values greatly, but the insulating materials account for a bit, for example, the insulating paper in transformer is over 0.3% a little, and in the insulating sleeve is over 3% lightly, too. But the insulating paper controls the life of whole equipment. The insulating material impact the whole cost more even if its price is high. On the contrary, the slight fluctuation would make a huge impact on the cost. In the obvious principal, if the quality and function can be improved slightly, it is worthwhile to increase the price even several times. And value brought by that is far above the input, such as enhancing the age resistance and stability of product, lower ash content, lower electrical conductivity, higher polymerization degree, long fiber pulp imported from Frigid Zone and so on. But sadly, procurement entities weight the insulating materials and metals with kilogram. Although it is vastly different form the metallic materials, the insulating material is treated equally with metallic materials in the view of procurement. That the insulation quality should be pursued to no end turns into reducing procurement cost recklessly. So the paradox “loss the greater for less” appears which means that the life of an equipment valuing millions is sacrificed for the several cents gap in equipment.

3 Conflict of now and future. If the users of transformers don’t approach to strengthen the stability and lengthen the life with heat resistant materials, transformer factory cannot do it forwardly. The producer is not the user, but they have the initiative and option in hands. After the products are turned over, the business is completed. However, the stability and life of products belonging to future characteristics cannot be measured and checked, and cannot even appear in short time.

4    Development and trend of insulating and nitrogenous DDP :

Although the process is complicated, the huge potential of insulating nitrogenous and heat resistant is acknowledged widely an d the paper starts to attract due attention and be applied. It takes over 5 year for Jin Bao Electric Cooperation to develop the perfect and stable DDP products of heat resistance and nitrogen with the technical support of foreign partner after many times failure technical study and promotion. Finally, the cooperation gain complete right of autonomy in technique, which can be popularized to any foreign market with the certification by the third authoritative party. Jin Bao Electric Cooperation has domestic largest export of DDP diamond dotted paper. The successful development of nitrogenous and heat resistant DDP makes the price reduce sharply for breaking op the monopoly, which must make great influence to the diamond dotted paper exporting market.

DDP diamond dotted kraft paper thermally upgraded thermostabilized produced by JinBao, whose base paper is made from the pulp imported in Frigid Zone and with long fiber needle pine, has excellent purity, polymerization and insulating property. And the nitrogen content is above that of Swedish MUNKSJO and WEIDMAN, and is higher slightly than that of Japan. So the heat resistance is enough great to keep the insulation stable, which lengthen the use life of whole equipment.