Our company now has 5 sets of automatic transformer insulating crepe tube manufacturing equipment which is designed independently and the only one in China, and 3 sets of insulating crepe tube manufacturing equipment. We can produce about 15,000 pieces of insulating crepe tubes per day. We are the domestic factory with biggest delivery capability of insulating crepe tube.

The insulating crepe tube produced by the insulating crepe tube automatic machine has advantages that manual and semi-automatic machines do not have at all. As for the same inner diameter and out diameter, in accordance with the design principle of the transformer, the higher the number of turns is, the better the insulation will be. Meanwhile, the more tightly it is wrapped, the higher its elasticity, flexibility and bending resistance will be. Accordingly, with the same specifications and the same number of pieces, the hand-rolled crepe tube is loose because there are fewer layers and the weight of its finished product is only half of that of the automatic products. At the same time, the hand-rolled crepe tube does not have any flexibility and strength at all.

JINBAO Company produces export-oriented insulating crepe tube and transformer oil duct strip. In the early development, our company depended heavily on domestic glue, but its quality has been far from satisfactory. We kept receiving complaints from customers due to glue failures. And this is a deciding link for the quality of the products, which we cannot control yet. After years of efforts, we cannot solve this problem in existent current market. Regardless of the price, the qualified adhesives that meet export requirements have not been purchased yet. Among the purchased adhesives, the effective constituents are rather few, the grade of the resin is low and the reaction temperature of the glue production is low. Consequently, such adhesives are purchased at a low price but with a poor performance. And moreover, some bad factories are lack of good faith. In order to lower the costs, they add many impurities, such as titanium dioxide, talc, thickeners, etc., which are only detrimental to the insulation requirements of the transformers.

In 2013, our company researched and developed successful glue. After many improvements, it is increasingly mature. Our company adopts high-grade pure resin, high reaction temperature and quality production without any impurities and finally, the PVA-based electrical insulation glue with high purity and high effective constituents is produced, which has extremely strong bond strength. This time, glue failures cannot be found in the insulating crepe tubes and oil duct strips produced here any longer, even if they are strongly distorted, beat on hard objects, or torn destructively. And such products have no harms to the transformer insulation. This special PVA glue can meet the demanding requirements for imported products.