1.8meters and 2meters Crepe paper tubes are used for transformers


Crepe paper tubes are used for transformers with the length of 1.8 and 2 meters.

Jin Bao Electric Company has successfully developed crepe paper tubes with the length of 1.8 and 2 meters and created two fully-automatic production lines of crepe paper tubes with over-length specifications. The production techniques are becoming more and more perfect through almost one year’s repeated improvements. And the quality of the products is exactly the same with that of one meter. The production technique overcomes the shortcomings of the inconsistency in diameter and easy wrinkling caused by over-length and it can provide crepe paper tubes used for transformers with various specifications from 4mm inner diameter.

The advantages of the crepe paper tubes made by fully-automatic crepe paper tube mills can never be achieved by manual and semi-automatic machines. With the same inner and outer diameters, and according to transformer design principle, more turns creates higher insulativity and tighter winding which contributes to higher elasticity, flexibility, and stronger resistance to bending. So it is possible to product crepe paper tube with the same specification and the same size. The quality of the finished crepe paper tube made by manual weighs only about half the weight of that made fully-automatically because of small volumes of loose layers and the flexibility and intensity is very low.

Besides, crepe paper tubes (also used in oil duct support stripe) employ high-purity PVC adhesive for insulation developed by Jin Bao itself which eliminates the hidden quality danger of doping various types of impurities and thickeners that cannot be avoided when purchasing in market. This adhesive can resist violent rubbing, beating, destruction without breakage and peeling and it has never been complained about its bonding strength by foreign businessmen since its successful development.